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Sysmex France

CyFlow Ploidy Analyser

  • Screening for Haplo-, Diplo-, Triplo- and Polyploids
  • Ploidy and Genome size analysis in less than two minutes
  • Detection of Anisoploids, Allopolyploids and Aneuploids
  • No time consuming microscopic evaluation
  • Any plant material can be analysed: leaves, seedlings, roots, flowers, peel of fruits, seeds


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Automatic Measurement of Ploidy Level and Genome Size in Plants and Animals

The CyFlow Ploidy Analyser is a compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis, high resolution DNA and genome size analysis for plants, animals and micro-organisms. This modular system is equipped with a UV LED (365 nm) and/or a green laser (532 nm) which, when used in combination with Partec CyStain reagents, provides high resolution DNA analysis with DAPI or propidium iodide. The CyFlow Ploidy instrument measures the DNA content of many thousands of individual nuclei within seconds or minutes. The result is directly displayed as a DNA histogram on the internal “15.4” colour display. This method is time- and cost-saving as it provides precise results quickly with an efficient and validated workflow. For higher throughput, it is possible to equip the system with an Autoloading Station that accepts up to two 96-well plates or 120 test tubes as a single load.

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Light Sources:

  • Up to 2 light sources

          UV LED (365 nm)
          Nd-YAG green laser at 532 nm (30 mW)



  • Standard set-up and filters for propidium iodide (long pass filter 590 nm) and/or DAPI/ SSC (long pass filter 435 nm)


Flow System:

  • Quartz flow cuvette for laminar sample transport and hydrodynamic focusing
  • True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on mechanical volume measurement
  • Computer controlled precision syringe pump, speed continuously adjustable from 0.1-19.9 µl/s
  • Completely closed fluidic system
  • Sample port with biosafety cleaning system


  • Windows™ based FCM software CyView for real-time data acquisition, real-time data analysis and real-time data display
  • Easy experimental template set up (configuration files)
  • Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data format for storage of original and evaluated data


  • Standalone instrument:
    L 385mm x W 280mm x H 290mm
  • With Autoloading Station: L 745mm
  • Height with open screen: 528mm
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