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Sysmex Virtual Expo 2020

This virtual expo will provide a platform for us to share our insights, support virtual education, and showcase how our products help our customers in lighting the way with diagnostics in healthcare.

Focus for 2020:

  • Attend three days of interactive presentations
  • Participate in live discussions
  • Watch informative videos
  • Connect with attendees and experts
  • Collect your Certificate of Attendance
  • Join best practice sessions, get product news
  • and much more

If you have previously created a My Sysmex account you can simply log into your existing account or register for a new one.

The online live sessions will provide you with new knowledge about the following topics:


2020/12/08 | 09:00 — 17:30 | Live sessions
Tuesday, 8 December 2020
09:00am - Morning session I | Welcome session - HAEMATOLOGY - Opening lecture: Haemocytometry as a potential tool in the fight against infections

10:30am - Morning session II | Product session - HAEMOSTASIS - News on the latest product development: expansion of ‘CN-Series’ – power in a new dimension

12:30pm - Lunch session | Product/KOL/Expert session - LIFE SCIENCE - Introducing FOB Gold FIT testing for symptomatic patients; the experience of a UK NHS Trust

03:00pm - Afternoon session I | KOL/Expert session - HAEMOSTASIS - Laboratory updates on specialised haemostasis testing: the cutting edge
of clinical values

04:30pm - Afternoon session II | KOL/Expert session - URINALYSIS - Impact of technology improvements on urinalysis – the workflow benefits
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2020/12/09 | 09:00 — 17:30 | Live sessions
Wednesday, 09 December 2020
09:00am - Morning session I | Scientific session - CLINICAL FLOW - CYTOMETRY - Applying automation to sample preparation: experience of a specialised clinical cytometry laboratory with Sysmex’ PS-10

10:30am - Morning session II | Product session - URINALYSIS - Bridging the gap – from a laboratory and clinical perspective

12:30pm - Lunch session | Hot topic session - CARESPHERE™ - How monitoring analytical quality and performance can simplify your lab life – anytime, anywhere

03:00pm - Afternoon session I | KOL/Expert session - POINT OF CARE - Clinical application of kidney function marker proenkephalin and use of bioactive adrenomedullin in critical care

04:30pm - Afternoon session II | KOL/Expert session - LIFE SCIENCE - Optimised breast cancer treatment in the neo-adjuvant setting: magnetic breast cancer localisation, TAD and molecular lymph node analysis
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2020/12/10 | 09:00 — 17:30 | Live sessions
Thursday, 10 December 2020
09:00am - Morning session I | Scientific session - INDUSTRIAL FLOW CYTOMETRY - Advances in industrial microbiology QC powered by state-of-the-art Sysmex solutions

10:30am - Morning session II | Product session - HAEMOSTASIS - Explore state-of-the-art technologies powered by Sysmex haemostasis solutions

11:30am - Morning session III | Scientific session - CLINICAL FLOW CYTOMETRY - Evaluation of Sysmex kappa and lambda monoclonal antibodies for the determination of B-cell surface light chains

12:30pm - Lunch session | Hot topic session - URINALYSIS - Novel approach to non-invasive bladder cancer surveillance with urinalysis

03:00pm - Afternoon session I | KOL/Expert session - LIFE SCIENCE - Topic 1: OSNA for detection of sentinel node low volume metastases in endometrial cancer
Topic 2: Validation study for the detection of CK19 using pooling method with One-Step Nucleic acid Amplification in prostate cancer (POPCORN study) – Preliminary Results

04:30pm - Afternoon session II | Product session - HAEMATOLOGY - The truth behind increased MCHC – how the CBC-O concept can improve
your workflow efficiency
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