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New horizons for microbiological quality control

Sysmex Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the international enterprise Sysmex Corporation, and vermicon AG, hereby announce the start of a business partnership.

vermicon AG and Sysmex Europe GmbH agree on partnership for product distribution

Date : 2017-09-12 Balises: Communiqués de presse

The first result of this alliance, a combination of flow cytometry and gene probe technology known as the “Flow VIT® Solution” detection system, will provide highly sensitive and sector-specific solutions for industrial microbiology with the aim of raising quality control to a new level.

For almost 50 years, Sysmex Partec GmbH, a subsidiary of the Sysmex Corporation, has been developing modern high-performance flow cytometers and, as a global expert and market leader, pioneered the establishment and development of this measurement technology. Using VIT® (vermicon identification technology) gene probe technology, vermicon AG has been active in developing and distributing innovative and powerful solutions for industrial microbiology for 20 years. This analysis technique delivers fast and highly specific identification, visualisation and quantification of microorganisms. Sysmex Partec GmbH, Sysmex Europe GmbH and vermicon AG have already been cooperating closely for several years to create new microbiology solutions by combining the gene probe technology VIT® with flow cytometry. Sysmex Europe GmbH and vermicon AG present the Flow VIT® Solution to demonstrate the official start of their international cooperation. The goal of this new detection system is to raise microbiological quality control to a new level and to enable fast and cost-efficient monitoring of production processes.

Dr Jiri Snaidr, founder and CEO of vermicon AG: “VIT® gene probe technology allowed us to set new standards regarding speed and specificity of microbiological detection methods. By collaborating with Sysmex Europe and Sysmex Partec GmbH, the pioneer in flow cytometry, we are creating new technologies which will also deliver fast and automated evaluation of analysis results. This cooperation opens completely new avenues in modern microbiological quality control.”

Dr Martin Heiden, Director Flow Cytometry, Sysmex Europe GmbH, adds: “The industrial microbiology market requires fast, specific and automated systems that can be relied upon in a variety of applications. With vermicon AG, the founder of industrial gene probe technology, we have the support of a partner with whom we are going to develop highly effective all-in-one-systems for our targeted market segments.”

Sysmex Europe GmbH and vermicon AG are working together to establish the Flow VIT® Solution as a key technology for industrial microbiology. The first application for the beverage industry – Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus – is now available on the market and enables manufacturers in the beverage industry to quickly and reliably detect microbial causes of off-flavors. This increases the quality of beverage products and prevents economically damaging product recalls.

Through the new partnership, both partners are working continuously to further improve microbiological quality control with the Flow VIT® Solution.


About vermicon AG:

vermicon AG offert new and innovative solutions for microbiology. The international company develops and markets products and services for specific identification of microorganisms. The focus is on direct and cultivation-idependent detection and analysis of microorganisms, in order to provide fast, highly specific and reliable insight into the microbiological composition of samples.

About Sysmex Partec GmbH:

Sysmex Partec GmbH is a diagnostic company specialising in developing, producing and distributing innovative, highly sensitive flow cytometry solutions for a variety of applications in diagnostics, research and industry.

About Sysmex Corporation:

Sysmex Corporation is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemisation and solutions, including laboratory diagnostics, laboratory automation and clinical information systems. Serving customers for almost 50 years, Sysmex focuses on technological leadership in diagnostic science and information tools that make a difference in the health of people worldwide. The company is also exploring emerging opportunities in the life science field. Its R&D efforts focus on developing high-value-added testing and diagnostic technologies that are innovative, original and optimize individual health. Sysmex also seeks to leverage its state-of-the-art technologies for gene and protein analysis. The company, headquartered in Kobe, Japan, has subsidiaries in North America, Latin America, Europe, China and Asia Pacific and employs about 8,000 employees worldwide. Sysmex Corporation is listed in the top tier of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information about Sysmex Corporation and its affiliate companies, please visit For more information about Sysmex Europe, please visit

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